BLOG: Your Guide to Beautiful Skin

Skin Care Guide

Oil cleansers will tame breakouts and soothe sensitive skin and gently removes make-up.

You are never too young to start using Wrinkle Recovery Serum. Starting early guarantees the best results throughout your life.

Begin with an oil cleansed face. Apply Wrinkle Recovery Serum and add Hydrating Face Moisturizer. Your face will feel moisturized all day.

Just add a pea sized dab of Hydrating Face Moisturizer to the forehead, both cheeks and your chin. Blend into your skin. You don’t need to use a lot of product to see results, just a dab a day will do ya!

For a daily quick cleanse, use the Oil Cleanser with CBD, Wrinkle Recovery Serum and the Hydrating Face Moisturizer together for a healthy skin regimen.

Use Exfoliating Face Scrub and the Charcoal Mask with CBD, 2 – 3 times a week.

Moisturize day and night using our Hydrating Face Moisturizer by day and our Detoxifying Nightwear Cream in the evening.

Avoid using heavy make-up on a daily basis to control inflammation and blemishes.

Heavy make-up blocks pores and could cause the development of acne.

To avoid skin irritation, apply a small amount to the inner arm to see how your skin reacts to skin care products.

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